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May 20-22nd

Salt Lake City, Utah

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May 20-22nd

Salt Lake City, Utah

Scott Duffy

About Us

Experience the World’s #1 AI & Business Growth Community. Our members benefit from best in class training, hands on mentorship, and a five-star business network.

Our members include Founders, CEOs, & Leadership Teams that want to build great companies and make AI an important part of their business strategy.

The Mastermind

The Mastermind events stand as the cornerstone of the membership, offering unparalleled insights and networking opportunities that are central to driving AI innovation and strategic growth within your business.

Many of our members initially came to us feeling torn between the “Fear of Missing Out” and the “Fear of Jumping In.” Through AI Mavericks, you will be empowered to:

How It Works

Gain the confidence and utilize expert support to transform your approach to AI and business growth.

Experience the transformative power of our exclusive Mastermind events, held three times a year in the picturesque setting of Utah. These two-day retreats begin with an engaging dinner, leading into intensive sessions that delve into the rapidly evolving world of AI. Here, you’ll learn from leading experts about the latest advancements, engage in dynamic discussions, and explore real-world case studies. But it’s not just about AI; the events also focus on scaling and growing your business, providing you with actionable insights for immediate application.

Beyond the learning experience, these Mastermind sessions offer unparalleled networking opportunities, connecting you with a community of business leaders committed to excellence and growth in the digital era.

Explore the unique opportunity of our monthly virtual events, an exclusive series for members, focusing on a different critical aspect of your business each month. From sales and marketing to operations, these sessions offer a laser-focused lens on AI integration tailored to each business area. Guided by the expertise of Caveminds, you’ll dive into the latest AI tools revolutionizing business departments, complemented by rich case studies and actionable strategies for practical application.

These events go beyond theoretical learning, providing concrete steps for embedding AI into your business practices. Engage in this monthly series to methodically enhance your business strategy and execution, making the journey of AI adoption a series of manageable steps. It’s an unparalleled approach to achieving consistent growth and innovation in your business operations through the power of AI.

Engage with our exclusive online channel, jointly presented by AI Mavericks and our partners, designed to keep you continuously connected with our vibrant community.

These exclusive membership bonuses will accelerate your AI journey and further enhance your business’s competitive edge.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Enhance your business strategy with the AI Audit Growth Report from Caveminds, offering a detailed 30-page analysis that encompasses your entire business framework—from leadership roles and tech infrastructure to competitive landscape—guiding you towards AI strategies tailored for your industry.

Unlock the potential of your AI initiatives with our AI Audit, conducted by our partner Kahoa. This audit ensures your AI platform is not only credible and accountable but also responsibly integrated into your business strategy.

Considering selling your business? One of the most important steps to maximize returns is to start planning early. Andina Family Offices will provide a comprehensive “Business Readiness & Attractiveness Analysis”. As part of this analysis, Andina will review business and personal financial matters to ensure you are ideally positioned to prepare for and maximize returns.

Experience a year of transformative learning and growth with the Teams+ Membership, offering unparalleled access to exclusive AI content, workshops, and networking opportunities for your team.

Why Join

Joining AI Mavericks means becoming part of an exclusive community dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of AI in business. Here’s why you should consider becoming a member:

Our Promise

As a member of AI Mavericks, your vision will transform into a clear, implementable AI strategy that aligns with your business growth goals.

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Annual Membership

Learn to implement AI without being an AI company. When you become a member, you gain access to an exclusive community of forward-thinking leaders, expert-led learning sessions, and strategic networking opportunities designed to elevate your business through the integration of AI.


Virtual Events

Private Community

In Bonuses


Virtual Events

Teams+ Membership

Custom AI Business Audit

Custom AI Technical Audit

$100,000+ In Bonuses

Get Started Today

A Commitment-Free Preview of AI Mavericks

Start with a “Preview” of our mastermind event – your first step to membership. It’s your chance to experience the event, connect with our network, and see what we’re all about, all without a long-term commitment. If it feels right for both of us, you’ll be invited to join as a full member. 

While masterminds are mainly for members, we keep a few spots open for previews. But these spots are limited, so reserve yours today!

Step 1: Preview

Sign up for a special Preview event to get a firsthand look at AI Mavericks’ transformative mastermind sessions and community.

Step 2: Attend

Experience the power of AI integration and strategic business growth during the immersive two-day mastermind event.

Step 3: Join

Become a full member to unlock comprehensive access to all AI Mavericks events, resources, and an exclusive network of AI-driven leaders.

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The Founder

Scott Duffy

Scott Duffy is an entrepreneur and keynote speaker. He is the Founder of AI Mavericks. Prior to AI Mavericks, Scott founded Smart Charter, which was acquired by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. He held leadership roles at, NBC Internet, & CBS Sportsline.

Scott started his career working for Tony Robbins. He is listed as a “Top 10 Speaker” by, spoken at the NYSE and provided commentary in numerous media outlets including CNBC, FOX News, and CBS Radio. He has served as Special Project Editor at Inc, VIP Contributor at Entrepreneur, and Co-Host of a Top Podcast for Microsoft. 

What sets Scott Duffy apart is not just his three decades of keynote speaking experience, but the rich tapestry of roles he has embraced as a bootstrapping entrepreneur and in leadership roles for some of the world’s most renowned brands. Beyond the stage, Scott has conducted over 1,000 interviews with Founders and CEOs, distilling these conversations into best-selling books and insightful articles. This unique blend of firsthand experiences and learned wisdom enables Scott to deliver actionable lessons that businesses can implement immediately for forward momentum. Scott’s unique approach ensures that every audience leaves equipped with the knowledge and tools to drive their business forward.

Scott Duffy

Frequently Asked Questions

AI Mavericks is the #1 AI & Business Growth Mastermind in the world.

AI Mavericks helps Founders, CEOs, & Leadership Teams grow their business and learn how to implement AI as part of their strategy.

Scott Duffy is the Host of AI Mavericks.

To apply for Membership or to Preview one of our Mastermind Events, click here:

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