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May 22

Lunch & Learn

Join our Lunch & Learn events for an enlightening blend of networking, knowledge-sharing, and practical AI insights. These gatherings offer a unique platform to connect with industry experts and peers, delve into the latest AI strategies, and explore real-world case studies. Perfect for busy professionals, these sessions are designed to fuel both your mind and your professional network in a relaxed, collaborative setting.

If you’re not yet a member of AI Mavericks, you have the opportunity to attend our enriching Lunch & Learn events by purchasing a ticket.

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Step into the world of AI Mavericks’ Lunch & Learn events, a quarterly series held in the vibrant setting of Utah, and also accessible online through replays. These sessions are complimentary for AI Mavericks’ members, while non-members are welcome to join by purchasing a ticket.

Lunch & Learns are more than just meetings; they are a nexus for networking, collaboration, and learning. Each event is an opportunity to connect with industry thought leaders and like-minded peers, fostering a community of mutual growth and innovation.

The content of these events is a rich blend of motivational insights, advanced business growth strategies, and practical lessons. We delve into real-life case studies, showcasing the most effective ways to integrate AI into your business operations. Whether you’re looking to gain fresh perspectives, learn new techniques, or simply connect with fellow professionals, our Lunch & Learn events are designed to provide a comprehensive and enriching experience.

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