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Experience the World’s #1 AI & Business Growth Community

Our members benefit from best in class training, hands on mentorship, and a five-star business network. Our members include Founders, CEOs, & Leadership Teams that want to build great companies and make AI an important part of their business strategy.

Learn from industry leaders and peers – acquire the skills to articulate and execute a clear AI vision for your business.

Many of our members initially came to us feeling torn between the “Fear of Missing Out” and the “Fear of Jumping In.” Through AI Mavericks, you will be empowered to:

  • Demystify AI & Eliminate Overwhelm
  • Create An AI Vision For Your Business
  • Communicate Your Strategy To Boards & Investors
  • Leverage Examples & Case Studies From Your Peers
  • Learn how to implement AI, without being an AI company
  • Apply Best-In-Class Business Growth Training
  • Bring Valuable Ideas, Tools, & Resources To Your Teams
  • Be Part of An Exceptional Business Network

Walk Away With

A Clear AI Vision, Strategy & Roadmap &  Learn To Communicate This Plan With Your Board, Investors, & Teams

What You'll Gain

Best in Class Training

Learn from industry leaders and AI pioneers. Our curriculum is designed to demystify AI technology and provide you with actionable insights and strategies.

Hands-on Mentorship

Benefit from the wisdom of those who’ve successfully navigated the AI landscape. Our mentors are here to guide you, offering personalized advice and support.

Five-Star Business Network

Connect with a vibrant community of founders, CEOs, and leadership teams. Share experiences, collaborate on projects, and build lasting relationships.

Exclusive Membership Bonuses

From technical and business AI audits to priority access to Exit Planning & Readiness, your membership unlocks a suite of exclusive benefits designed to accelerate your AI journey.

“This is not a 50K foot look at the future of AI. It’s an active workshop, with an exceptional group of peers, teaching you how to create a personal AI roadmap for your business, sell it through your organization, and implement it in a way that reduces costs, creates more efficiency, and improves profit margins.”

– Scott Duffy

The Mastermind Membership Includes


Online Events

Teams+ Membership

Custom AI Business Audit

Custom AI Workflow Audit

$100,000 in Bonuses

Get Started Today

A Commitment-Free Mastermind Preview of AI Mavericks

Start with a “Preview” of our mastermind event – your first step to membership. It’s your chance to experience the event, connect with our network, and see what we’re all about, all without a long-term commitment. If it feels right for both of us, you’ll be invited to join as a full member. While masterminds are mainly for members, we keep a few spots open for previews. But these spots are limited, so reserve yours today!

Step 1: Register

Sign up for a special Preview event to get a firsthand look at AI Mavericks’ transformative mastermind sessions and community.

Step 2: Attend

Experience the power of AI integration and strategic business growth during the immersive two-day mastermind event.

Step 3: Join

Become a full member to unlock comprehensive access to all AI Mavericks events, resources, and an exclusive network of AI-driven leaders.

Event Schedule

* Schedule Subject to Change

Opening Dinner

Monday Sept 30

6PM: Pre-Registration

7:00 Dinner

7:30 Speaker

Day 1

Tuesday Oct 1


8AM: Registration

8:30 Breakfast / On Site

9:00 Event Kickoff

10:00 Speakers

11:00 Break

11:30 Case Studies

12:30 Lunch

2:00 Case Studies

3:00 Workshop: AI Framework

4:00 Speakers

6:00 Dinner / Offsite

Day 2

Wednesday Oct 2


8:00AM Check In

8:30 Breakfast / On Site

9:00 Day 2 Kickoff

10:00 Workshop: AI Vision, Strategy, Roadmap

11:00 Break

11:30 AI’s 5 Senses Panel

12:00 Case Studies

12:30 Lunch / On Site

2:00 AI Roundtables

3:00 Workshop: Com Plan

4:00 Speaker

6:00 Dinner / Offsite

Day 3

Thursday Oct 3


8:00AM Check In

8:30 Breakfast / On Site

9:00 Day 2 Kickoff

10:00 Workshop: AI Vision, Strategy, Roadmap

11:00 Break

11:30 AI’s 5 Senses Panel

12:00 Case Studies

12:30 Lunch / On Site

2:00 AI Roundtables

3:00 Workshop: Com Plan

4:00 Speaker

6:00 Dinner / Offsite

Why Choose To Preview?

No Long-Term Commitment

Explore what AI Mavericks has to offer without the upfront commitment of full membership.

Exclusive Access

Even as a Preview member, you’ll be treated to the full mastermind experience, allowing you to network, learn, and grow.

Flexible Upgrade Option

Loved your Preview experience? Upgrading to full membership is seamless, unlocking additional masterminds, exclusive events, and member-only benefits.

Transform Your Business with AI

Who Should Join

AI Mavericks is for leaders who are:

  • Eager to integrate AI into their business strategy but unsure where to start.
  • Looking for a clear, actionable path to leverage AI for growth and innovation.
  • Seeking to join a network of like-minded professionals committed to driving business success through AI.

Reserve Your Spot

Take the first step towards AI-driven business success. Secure your spot in our next mastermind and see for yourself how AI Mavericks can transform your approach to business and innovation.


Reserve Your Spot

Frequently Asked Questions

AI Mavericks is the #1 AI & Business Growth Community in the world.

AI Mavericks helps Founders, CEOs, & Leadership Teams build great companies and learn how to implement AI as an important part of their business strategy.

If you would like to become a Member, please register and attend a Preview event. If you have attended a preview and would like to become a member, reach out to us at:

Members have access to our invitation-only Mastermind events and monthly online events. In addition, Members receive special member “bonuses” that are specifically designed to help achieve exponential business growth.

All AI Mavericks live events are held in Utah and California.

Membership is $25,000 per year for those who pay-in-full upfront and includes the AI Mavericks Mastermind Series, Monthly Online Events, a Private Online Community, and exclusive “Bonuses” from our Host & Sponsors. Financing options are available.

Non-Members may participate in a “Commitment Free Preview” by attending a single Mastermind event at a significant discount of $1,499. After attending their Preview event, participants can then make the decision to join. Non-Members may subscribe to the Podcast, sign up for our Newsletter, or Join our LinkedIn Group free of charge.

Scott Duffy is the Host of AI Mavericks.

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