AI Mavericks Media Kit

Welcome to our Media Kit page, your premier source for everything you need to feature Scott Duffy. Here, you’ll find a selection of downloadable resources designed to assist you in showcasing Scott’s expertise and offerings. Dive into our collection to access high-resolution photos perfect for your promotional needs, a detailed bio providing insight into Scott’s illustrious career and achievements, and a transparent rate card outlining speaking engagement options. These materials are crafted to make your editorial process smoother and to help you convey the impactful message Scott brings to audiences worldwide.

Style Guide

Should you require our branding colors, fonts, logos, and other design elements to ensure consistency in your promotional or collaborative materials, our comprehensive Style Guide is at your disposal. This guide is meticulously designed to provide you with all the necessary specifications and visual assets to align your efforts with the AI Mavericks brand identity. Whether you’re creating digital content, print materials, or anything in between, our Style Guide ensures that every collaboration reflects our brand’s essence and standards accurately.

Style Guide Cover

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